Tanzania Interiors!

I idea it would endure fun to delineate out some mural together with dwelling decor pictures from my iii years inward Tanzania. Please cash inward one's chips along inward heed that these pictures demonstrate design on a dime in the truest pregnant of the phrase! I was making nearly $200 a calendar month together with even therefore managed to brand my infinite equally pretty equally I could! :)

Devon's House:

 A novel pigment job, curtains, together with spaceplan!

 These sofas were considered the dainty ones! :) I gave her a whole novel floorplan.


The infinite turned role for St. Paul Partners:

My home:

 I realized I did non direct maintain whatever completed pictures of my house. In this pic, y'all tin form of brand out my mural, the branch drapery rod together with branch/tea lite chandelier, the bluish rug, together with the slice of furniture that I drew upward for the carpenter together with and therefore painted bluish myself.

 Neighbors enjoying the large java table! :)

 I lined all of the walls of my kitchen amongst flowers.

 This is the yellowish mural earlier whatever of my slice of furniture arrived.

Iyawaya Primary School:

I painted educational murals for the root together with minute degree classrooms at the schoolhouse I taught at. They didn't direct maintain much of a text book, therefore this was some other cool alternative!

The mural behind them is of a hamlet scene to promote creative writing together with story telling. To the left, roughly the window, y'all tin run across a shop mural amongst blank cost tags inward chalkboard pigment for them to exercise math!



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