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How Tall Is a Story in an Ideal Building

How Tall Is a Story in an Ideal Building

How tall is a story when building a building is something that often becomes a conversation between architecture and the owner of the building. The reason is, in determining this, we cannot rely on knowledge to just guess. But there need to be adjustments to the factors of the building that will be built. As the floor area will be made on how many levels, building categories, and other factors.
For this reason, how tall is a story in a building is one to build the building to be ideal. We have often heard that any building around the airport should not be high for some reason, which is feared to disrupt flight activities at the airport, in this position and condition, how tall is a story there is a playground.

However, it all returned to the rules in force in the place where the building will be built. Because each region will definitely have different regulations that adjust to environmental conditions and surroundings. For this reason, the role of a tall story in a building is the determinant of making the building ideal or not.

How tall is a story used by the architecture of development

How tall is a story even though it looks trivial, it has a role in forming a building. The architectural building is also required to be able to understand and apply it to every building project that they will build later.

In the process, for example, an architect gets a project, how tall is a story that will be carried out by the architecture itself is by combining it with the height limit in the room. How tall is a story depends on how big the size of the room is. This is applied indirectly by comparing the ceiling of the room with the floor of the room.

A room with high ceilings would be very suitable in buildings such as office buildings. Because it will make the atmosphere in the room seem very spacious. In contrast to the concept of a short ceiling if applied. Office buildings generally do not fit into this concept because it will make it look like a building or a very small building. Instead, this concept is more suitable to be applied to residential buildings.

So that's how the performance of how tall is a story carried out by the architecture of the building.
The difference in how tall is a story in the building of houses and offices
Although both buildings, what distinguishes between home and office is how tall is a story in the building. As a place to live, the house certainly has a different role from the office which has a role as a place to work for its employees.

In this case, the house can still be tolerated and has short limits in measuring how tall is a story in the room. Unlike the office, which has limits that are not as short as a house, but must be quite high. In measuring by the method of how tall is a story, buildings that have high ceilings will feel more spacious even though there are many people in them. If the house has high ceilings, it will certainly make it very uncomfortable. In contrast to the office, if you have a small ceiling, it will make it look small.

That is the difference in concept in how tall is a story between a home and an office.

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